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margaret ngai

Vice President, Analytics and Insights
Margaret’s passion is for data-driven marketing, a combination of marketing, technology and analytics that has allowed her to help world-class organizations like Janssen, Nestlé, Nissan and McDonald’s enhance their customer experience with enabler technologies and data analysis.
How did you stumble into the world of marketing/advertising?
I have always worked in areas related to customer experience, whether it’s implementing leading edge technology from a start-up, advising clients on revamping their customer strategy as a management consultant, or re-launching a product line within a large corporation. I saw a job posting at a CRM agency that matched my experience like a glove and the rest is history.
After all these years, what do you still love most about it?
I must say it is the fast-changing nature of the industry, particularly with the increasing complexity of data and channel integration. I like solving problems and creating solutions.
They say there are no new ideas. Do you believe that?
I think it depends on how one defines new. There are new ideas all the time, but they generally contain elements that already exist. I do believe that not all new ideas are good ideas, and not all good ideas need to be new.
What is your biggest "aha moment" in life?
One of the more life-changing ones is when I realized the term "computer science" is misnomer. For me, I am passionate about the application of computer science, and that is much more an art than a science.
What advice do you have for the next generation of marketers? What do you hope to learn from them?
Have a vision, whether it is for the brand you work for or your own career. That vision should drive most of the things you do – the changes you make, the risks you take, and the people you surround yourself with.

I want to learn different ways of looking at everything from the next generation marketers. The digital natives are just entering the workforce, and they are going to change what we do and how we do things.

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